The Most Popular Beers on Tap at Reilly’s NYC

If you’re in New York City and searching for the perfect place to enjoy a great beer, look no further than Reilly’s NYC. This charming Irish pub and craft beer bar offers an extensive selection of beers on tap, making it one of the best beer bars in the city.

What is Beer on Tap Called?

Before we dive into the delightful choices, let’s clarify what beer on tap is often called. You might hear it referred to as “draft beer.” But what sets draft beer apart from bottled beer? And is it really better?

What's the Difference Between Beer on Tap and Bottled Beer?

Draft beer is beer served directly from a keg or cask, rather than from a bottle or can. This difference in serving style can affect the beer’s taste and quality. Draft beer is often fresher, as it doesn’t undergo the same packaging and shipping processes as bottled beer. It’s also typically stored at the right temperature, ensuring a better overall experience.

Is Draft Beer Better?

Many beer enthusiasts argue that draft beer offers a superior taste due to its freshness and proper storage conditions. The flavors are more pronounced, and you can often enjoy a better aroma. Plus, it’s a more sustainable choice as it generates less packaging waste.

The Beers on Tap at Reilly's NYC

Now, let’s explore the star of the show: the beers on tap at Reilly’s NYC. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

House Drafts:

Reilly’s Pils: A refreshing Pilsner with 5% ABV.

Reilly’s Porter: A rich Porter with 6% ABV.

Reilly’s Golden Wheat: A delightful Witbier with 5% ABV.

Reilly’s Irish Red: A classic Red Ale with 5% ABV.

Reilly’s Lager: A crisp Lager with 5% ABV.

Reilly’s IPA: A bold IPA with 6% ABV and 50 IBU.



4.2% abv


Blue Point Toasted Lager

5.5% abv

Bud Light

4.2% abv


5% abv

Stella Artois

5% abv

Brooklyn Lager

5.2% abv


5% abv


4.5% abv | 12 IBU


4.5% abv

Sam Adams Boston Lager

5% abv

Modelo Especial

4.4% abv

Coney Island Pilsner

5.2% abv


Goose Island IPA

5.9% abv | 55 IBU

Lagunitas IPA

6.2% abv | 46 IBU

Dogfish Head 60 Min

6% abv | 60 IBU

Dogfish Head 90 Min

Merman IPA| 5.8% abv | 55 IBU | Brooklyn

Flying Dog Raging Bitch

8.3 % abv | 60 IBU | 12oz

Hazy Jane

7.2% abv | 30 IBU

Elvis Juice

6.5% abv | 40 IBU

Two Roads Too Juicy

Sixpoint Bengal

6.6% abv | 66 IBU


6.3% abv | 50 IBU



4.9% abv

Paulaner Hefeweizen

5.5% abv

Blue Moon Belgian White

5.4% abv

Allagash White

5.1% abv

Chimay Belgian White

8% abv | 38 IBU



Red Ale | 4.5% abv | Ireland | 20oz


Red Ale | 4.3% abv | Ireland

Reilly's NYC: A Must-Visit Craft Beer Destination

Reilly’s NYC is not just another Irish pub. It’s a family-owned and operated establishment with a modern and lively ambiance, making it a unique destination for craft beer enthusiasts. With an extensive selection of draft beer, craft, domestic, and imported brews, there’s something for every palate.

When you’re in New York City, don’t miss the chance to savor the finest beers on tap at Reilly’s Plates & Pours. Whether you prefer the refreshing crispness of a Lager, the bold flavors of an IPA, or the classic taste of a Guinness Stout, Reilly’s has you covered. Plan a visit to this beloved Irish pub and craft beer haven to experience the best of draft beer in the heart of the city.

Ready to explore the world of draft beer at Reilly’s NYC? Visit Reilly’s Plates & Pours for more information about their offerings, location, and menu. Cheers to a great time and excellent beer in NYC!

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